Colophon has been a paragon of modern web design since ca. 2002, when it held a <frameset>, a <marquee>, and some Flash content. Since then, the author and the site’s design have both matured a little. Some mildly popular content has been resurrected after several years in oblivion (and more may follow), but, for better or worse, some pieces are lost to history.

Nowadays, the site is statically generated using Jekyll (along with jekyll-assets and jekyll-contentblocks), and served by A Small Orange. Posts are written in a mixture of Markdown and raw HTML; math is written with \mathrm\LaTeX notation and typeset using MathJax.

Swift syntax highlighting happens in Xcode, and gets transformed into HTML by xcpaste.

The typefaces are Source Sans Pro, Source Serif Pro, and Source Code Pro, created by designers at Adobe and served by Google Fonts — although we prefer Microsoft’s Consolas if you’ve got it installed.