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Many passions, from algorithms to aesthetics. Practitioner of correctness and clarity. Seeking learning opportunities, collaborative and diverse teams, applications to education and the sciences, and projects of global significance.


Cruise Staff Software Engineer
  • Created an autonomous vehicle (AV) software version management tool and workflow where none had previously existed, laying groundwork for what would eventually become a remote deployment system.
  • Designed a file format for on-vehicle data logging, along with end-to-end implementation, and became an expert in maintaining and extending third-party libraries used to interact with data throughout the AV software stack.
  • Played engineering, people management, product, and design roles in growing Webviz from a scrappy hackathon project into one of Cruise's most loved and respected internal product teams.
  • Created a flexible Chrome extension that's now installed for all employees, providing universal workflow improvements and a testbed for internal user research.
Upthere Software Engineer
  • Worked on Upthere Home for Mac, developing and improving core features such as file and media upload, media caching and playback, authentication flows, a custom CALayer-based collection view, and visual design/animation.
  • Drove the initial adoption of Swift by the Apple platforms team, and led some lunchtime discussions about Swift. Made contributions to the Swift compiler motivated by real-world issues with Swift development tooling.
  • Created the Objective-C++ bridging layer for a cross-platform C++ framework, and contributed to other Swift & Objective-C frameworks shared between the iOS and Mac apps.
  • Also contributed to the billing functionality and email notifications in the backend, and the Upthere website.
Summer 2013
Counsyl Software Engineer Intern

Independently designed and implemented an end-to-end workflow for the management and transcription of paper forms, integrating the scanning process with an internal web interface. Released a component of this system (ScanStream) as open-source software, and wrote a post on the Counsyl blog detailing the motivation and implementation.

Summer 2012
Microsoft Software Engineer Intern

Developed prototypes of new Windows Phone features based on the built-in music recognition functionality. Worked closely with product management and QA teams to define desired behavior and test cases; wrote and maintained design documents.

Apple Software Engineer Intern

Implemented features in the Mac App Store client application for Mac OS X Lion, and created internal development and debugging apps for the Mac App Store and broader System Applications teams. Continued part-time work after my summer internship through the Fall 2011 semester.

Vernier Software & Technology high school intern via Saturday Academy ASE

Helped develop and release Video Physics for iOS, an educational app for video capture and graphical analysis. Projects included: custom multi-touch gestures for placing points on video frames; video import, capture, compositing, and export workflows; social networking integration.

Open source contributions

2020 TypeScript

Improved a compiler error message and added an automated code fix action. See contributions.

2017–2018 LLVM/Clang

Improved diagnostics for invalid member function calls in Clang. Fixed limitations and added new features to clang-format. Improved identifier name replacements suggested by clang-tidy. See contributions.

2015–2017 Swift

48 pull requests merged, starting 1 day after Swift became open source. Fixed numerous compiler crashes and language bugs, and improved diagnostic messages and automatic fixes. Author of four accepted language/library evolution proposals: SE-0017, SE-0121, SE-0133, SE-0194.

2012–2016 TextMate

Dozens of pull requests merged, starting 2 days after TextMate became open source. Added a Quick Look preview generator, improved several core editor actions, upgraded to libc++ and 64-bit, and enhanced theming support. Completely rewrote and modernized the Swift syntax highlighting grammar, which is also used by GitHub and Atom. Presently the primary maintainer of the grammar.

Independent apps

2009 Vladstudio Puzzles

Created a jigsaw puzzle game for iPhone and iPad, in collaboration with Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov. In its three years on the App Store, the app saw over 400,000 free downloads for iPhone with almost 19,000 paid upgrades, and over 1,000 paid downloads for iPad.

2008 Portland Transit

Using the original iPhone SDK, created the very first iPhone app to display realtime Portland bus arrival times and schedules from the TriMet web API. The app was downloaded over 1,000 times.

2007 Vladstudio Wallpaper Clocks

Created a Mac app to display Vladstudio artwork as dynamic desktop wallpaper, showing the date and time, moon phase, and zodiac sign. Features included custom data file parsing, system preference pane, login item management, automatic updates, and localization.


Harvey Mudd College B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics

Graduated with High Distinction, and departmental honors in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Represented the student body to the college's Computing Committee and Web Advisory Group. Helped direct a club of students working on service-oriented software development. Served one year as dorm president and member of student council.

Writing & speaking

Jun 2020 note C++ medley, an intermediate C++ talk presented to ~70 coworkers.
Sep 2018 note Generating Functions, a recreational mathematics talk presented to ~10 coworkers.

Awards & honors

Oregon Student Technologist of the Year TechStart Education Foundation
2009 and 2010
Programming Contest Champion Willamette University–TechStart Programming Contest